I continually seek the essence of life, formal and spiritual, and I´m trying to show it on my artwork through lines that connect directly with us.
I create subtle beauty materialized on unique pieces of art.
I am inspired by nature to conceive my designs.

My aim is to find a balance between volume, shape and space underlining emptiness instead of mass. Some of my designs are a direct copy from nature because I love its perfection and admire the old production processes that my artisans use to create every unique piece. I continually seek the essence of life through organic lines and forms in my sculptures and designs.

I feel that my artwork is a thought-provoking metaphor of the individual and his quest for freedom, emancipation and self-fulfillment.

I love to create: design, art, interiors, landscapes, jewelry or fashion, it is just the way I express myself and from my heart, totally open.